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Phineas And Ferb Itty Bitty Bands

The Phineas and Ferb Itty Bitty Bands Pack contains twelve character shaped rubber band bracelets. Above is a photo of the front of the Phineas and Ferb Itty Bitty Bands Pack.

Here is a photo of the back of the Phineas and Ferb Itty Bitty Bands Pack, which contains info on the distributor FAB Starpoint.

Here is a photo of all the shapes in the Phineas and Ferb Itty Bitty Bands Pack. The Phineas and Ferb assortment includes Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, Agent P, and Dr. Doofenshmirtz rubber bands.



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Where do you get these!

*Where do you get these?

I found them at a FYE at a mall.

I think that one is Candace not Isabella

I think you're right. It probably is Candace, but if you look at the back of the pack in the photo above the company that made it labeled that band as Isabella. I bet they made a mistake and mislabeled her.

lol i want those kinda

These are selling on ebay for 99cents a set, if I remember correctly

no they're wrong it's candace not isabella

i have them its candace they made a mistake i got it at FYE for 2.99

You can buy alot of these at ebay and in ac moore!

ya that is candace, not isabella. i cant believe that company produced them and didnt even get a name rite! lol! ;)

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