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Hot And Rare Silly Bandz & Animal Bracelets

What are the hottest and rarest Silly Bandz & Animal Bracelets packs in stores? I’ve compiled a list of hot and rare Silly Bandz & Animal Bracelets based on what I’ve seen online and feedback I’ve gotten from stores. The list is in no particular order.

1. Silly Bandz Beach Pack

2. Loony Bands Vampires Pack

3. Bama Bandz Monster Bandz Pack

4. Stretchy Shapes Fun In The Sun Pack


5. SpongeBob Squarepants Bandz

6. Bama Bandz Monkeys Pack

7. Disney Toy Story 3 Bandz Pack


8. Guess Who Rubba Bandz Pack

9. Silly Bandz Fantasy Pack

10. Hello Kitty Bandz

11. Top Trenz Gametime Pack


12. Stretchy Shapes Hipster Pack

13. Goofy Bands Military Pack

14. Zanybandz Dragonz Pack

15. Crazy Bands Groovy Pack

16. Shrek Collect-A-Band Pack

17. New York Yankees Logo Bandz


18. Silly Bandz Rainforest Pack

19. Bama Bandz Gymnastics Pack


20. Zanybandz Moonlight Pack



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I have like 12 out of 20 of those designs.They're AWESOME!

i have the hipster pack,monster bands,gymnastics,the heart from the vampire bandz pack,and the tie dye monkeys.

i have a lot of those i just really want the hello kitty bandz and the fun in the sun stretchy shapes.
do you have the hello kitty ones allie??

I have a couple Hello Kitty but not a whole pack.

Allie, Awesome that our Vampire pack is included in this list! It has been hugely popular especially the stake through the heart band.

We have all the Loony Bands styles in stock at http://loonybands.com

PS: Keep up the Rare or Not Rare series - great information and discussion. :)

why is looneybands.com shipping so high? (compared to other band producers shipping?)

Awesome! I have the Guess Who Pack :)

Wow! Love these! I have the Top Trenz Gametime Pack, Silly Bandz Rainforest and Fantasy Packs plus a whole lot more...LOL!

Due to comments and feedback we are now offering FREE shipping on retail orders at http://loonybands.com

Thank you, now I can place an order! Way to go Looney Bands! (.....heads over to site)

MoistVomit, I completely agree! Also funny name!

i have the silly bandz beach pack, silly bandz rainforest pack, silly bandz fantasy pack, and 2 spongebob packs

i have the toy story ones, and a few other disney packs. i bought them from 711.

Wow, I want the moonlight ones! I just ordered a pack of the Hello Kitty ones today, so hopefully they will arrive in a few days. :) So far the only place I found them is eBay...

you can get the Hello kitty ones here they have glow/glitter and tie dye http://stores.ebay.com/MadisonRileystore

They sell the hello kitty bandz at the dollar store thats where my friend got them

I have the silly bandz rainforest pack and some of the zany bandz dragonz pack!!

I have the Guess Who bandz and the Western Story "Toy Story" bandz on Ebay. I have sold the Spongebob ones one there as well and will have another shipment of those at the end of August. Go to Ebay and look up the Guess Who bandz to find me. Thanks

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