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Harry Potter Silly Bandz, Transformers Silly Bandz, Marvel Silly Bandz, & Twilight Silly Bandz

Robert Croak, who is the owner of the Silly Bandz company, recently fielded all sorts of questions from fans. As is no surprise, a lot of the questions revolved around what type of licensed product Silly Bandz would be producing in the future. We’ve compiled all the updates as to the status of various licensed Silly Bandz.

Marvel Silly Bandz were actually confirmed awhile back, but Robert Croak revealed that Marvel Silly Bandz would be their next big pack. Croak also revealed that they would be making Transformers Silly Bandz when the next Transformers movie comes out. In regards to Harry Potter Silly Bandz, Croak said Silly Bandz was working on them.

Twilight Silly Bandz have been an often requested line. However, Croak said that they had attempted to have discussions about making Twilight Silly Bandz, but they had gotten no response from the license holders.

There are several big food companies that have signed deals with Silly Bandz. Croak revealed that Subway Silly Bandz, Quiznos Silly Bandz, and Hersheys Silly Bandz were all in the works.

While not a licensed pack, Croak revealed that Silly Bandz was considering making a second Dino pack. As far as Silly Bandz that are not likely to be made, Croak said there were no plans to make Michael Jackson Silly Bandz.


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man silly bandz are just getting too popular. i liked them better when they were more rare to find and you valued them more! :(

Well, they're a popular demand. At my mom's work, when Silly Bandz were at their rarest, they didn't have them, and now they do, and they're selling like ice cream at Anderson's!

Next up, Team Edward and Team Jacob Silly Bandz, LOL


and this all started with a rubberband.

i just bought harry potter silly bandz like product at walmart they have like 5 different styles

Yat Transformers and Harry Potter :D Twilight......fail they need TMNT silly bands and rock band silly bands now :D

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