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Are Star Wars Silly Bandz In The Works?

There seems to be a lot of chatter lately about the possibility of Stars Wars Silly Bandz. I’ve gotten several emails asking me if anyone makes them, and someone who works for the Learning Express stores in North Carolina emailed me that they were getting a lot of requests for Stars Wars Silly Bandz. While the official Silly Bandz company has yet to release any licensed product, Silly Bandz owner Robert Croak has said that Silly Bandz is in the process of finalizing deals with some of the biggest celebrity names and franchises.

Also, a company called Forever Collectibles has a ton of licensed bandz product. Under their Character Bandz line, they make rubber band bracelets shapes like Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, and Looney Tunes characters to name a few. While I haven’t seen any official announcement of Stars Wars Bandz from Forever Collectibles, they could be one of the companies in the running for the license.

While there might not be official Star Wars Bandz yet, it’s likely only a matter of time before some company stars to make them. If you know anything about or have seen Star Wars bandz, then please post to the comment section..


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have a contest on other packages and ideas, ones used win soe when they come out ex.C3PO,R2D2,Yoda,helmets,blster and many others

saw star wars clone wars ones at target today.

Just got back from Target and they carry Star Wars Silly Bandz. The price is $4.99 a pack. There are different packs to collect. Nice idea. My son absolutely loves them.

they could be one of the companies in the running for the license

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