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WWE Bandz

If you have been waiting for wrestling to get the Silly Bandz treatment, then you are in luck. World Wrestling Entertainment Bandz are on the way from Forever Collectibles. There will be at least four series of WWE Bandz initially, and I imagine more down the road. The WWE Bandz Series 1 Pack features Edge, Rey Mysterio, and Randy Orton on the packaging, which if pictured above.

The WWE Bandz Pack will contain five different shapes and four different colors. The WWE Bandz Series 1 assortment includes Edge, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Microphone, and WWE Championship Belt rubber bands. Below is picture of the designs.



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Why are the wwe bandz for $19.99!? silly bandz are supposed to be like $2.00

www.picklogobandz.com , only sell $1.99 per pack , but they do wholesale , if buy
more , it is vvery cheap ! but need someone
to tell me how do this business

make the wwe silly bandz for1 penny

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