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Stretchy Shapes Fun In The Sun Pack

Stretchy Shapes wasn't content enough to release just one color changing Animal Bracelets assortment. In addition to the Stretchy Shapes All American Pack, Stretchy Shapes has also announced the Stretchy Shapes Fun In The Sun Pack. The Stretchy Shapes Fun In The Sun Pack contains twenty solar powered color changing rubber band bracelets. The packaging contains pictures of the five beach designs, as well as some Stretchy Shapes humor which notes "contains no latex or heat stroke."

The Fun In The Sun Stretchy Shapes assortment includes Flip Flops, Beach Ball, Popsicle, Palm Trees, and Sunbather rubber bands. The Fun In The Sun bands are translucent white indoors, but they change to pink, blue, yellow, purple, or green when taken out into the sun. Another neat thing about this pack is that it contains a super-big double-sided Sunbather band, which is of course my favorite from this assortment. Here is a picture of the five different beach related designs, which go on sale on StretchyShapes.com on June 21. According to Stretchy Shapes, some retail stores will get in a limited supply next week.



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Wow these are so cool! Would the sunbather also be a neck band??

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I want these!!!!!

No question that the community will continue to carry the torch for you guys while things evolve!! I for one still feel in the debit column on this effort.

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