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Spring Silly Bandz Retired

With Spring coming to an end, Silly Bandz has announced that the Silly Bandz Spring Shapes Pack has been retired. The Silly Bandz Spring Shapes Pack is no longer available for sale on the SillyBandz.com website, but there might be some packs still available at retail stores. If you see them at a retail store and want them, then it would be smart to pick them up, because retail stores will also likely run out soon, since Silly Bandz has discontinued them.

In the past, Silly Bandz has discontinued other seasonal theme packs. For example, the Silly Bandz Swimsuit Pack and the Silly Bandz Christmas Holiday Pack are no longer in production. As previously reported on Animal Bracelets Blog, Silly Bandz will soon announce a new seasonal themed pack for Summer. Look for the Silly Bandz Beach Pack to be made available soon.


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Ha I just looked at the silly bandz site and you posted that. It's a shame they are retiring but the only one I have is the chick!

I have all of them! YAY!

Oh, you can always find these on Amazon. I don't know who they think they're kidding. XD

Yay! I got the Spring Pack yesterday! Soon this will be rare.

i have the spring pack itz cute i really like the umbrella!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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