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Silly Necklaces To Be Made By Silly Bandz

The next new product from Silly Bandz is designed to be worn around your neck instead of your wrist. Silly Bandz has just announced Silly Necklaces. Silly Necklaces are designed so that you can hang your Silly Bandz collection on them to show off all your bandz. The SillyBandz Necklaces Pack contains three brightly colored necklaces.

The Silly Necklaces come in three various size and three colors. The colors for the Silly Necklaces that are available now are pink, purple, and light blue. The SillyBandz Necklaces Pack can be ordered from the SillyBandz.com website for $5.95 a pack.


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i use old necklaces that don't really matter to display my silly bandz and it works out great. u don't really NEED to get these.. but they're still cool! ^_^

you guys suck

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