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Monster Bandz Fourth Of July Edition

I’m excited because it looks like my new Monster shaped rubber band bracelet designs are a hit. Some stores are already starting waiting lists for the Monsters. Just like the Bama Bandz Monkeys, the Monsters have parts that dangle from your wrist. For example, some have arms, legs, tails or even snake-hair. Also, Monster Bandz are tie dye and glow in the dark. The first edition of Monster Bandz will be a very limited edition of red, white, and blue colors in honor of the Fourth of July. Monster Bandz are available for order on BamaBandz.com. Stores can place a wholesale order for Monster Bandz by calling Bama Bandz at 1-866-422-7650.

There are some surprises coming in these Monster Bandz designs that I will blog more about later. Let’s just say that some of them will be very, very rare. The  red, white, and blue Fourth of July Monster Bandz will be a very limited edition before the colors change. Unlike generic animal shapes, all these Monster shapes were personally designed by me, so they will only be available through Bama Bandz, which should add to their rareness and collecting value.

Above is a photo of the front of a Bama Bandz Monster Bandz Pack. Each Monster Bandz Pack contains twenty-four glow in the dark, tie dye rubber band bracelets. There are four each of six different shapes. I’ve named the Monster Bandz shapes as Freaky Fly, OctoMonster, Snake Girl, Silly Snipe, Worm Brain, and Lizard Man. Here is a photo of all the different Monster shapes.

Here is a photo of the back of the Bama Bandz Monster Bandz Pack. The back of the packaging lists me as the designer and also lists Animal Bracelets Blog.

Another thing about Monster Bandz is that not only are they designs in the shapes of Monsters, but they are also Monster-Sized Bandz. I’ve taken some pictures below of Monster Bandz next to some other Animal Bracelets to give you an idea on what I’m talking about when I say Monster-Sized. Here is the Silly Snipe with a Cat rubber band in it’s belly (Silly Snipes love to eat cats, so you will want to keep all your Cat rubber bands separated from them).

Here is the Lizard Man next to a Giraffe rubber band. The Lizard Man is so large that it could probably go head to head with Godzilla in a fight.

Here is the OctoMonster next to an Octopus rubber band. OctoMonster could likely take down a full size ship if it wanted.

Keep checking back this weekend, because I will have more posts about Monster Bandz. I get a lot of emails about how I design my own bandz, so I will be doing a post about the creation of Monster Bandz from start to finish. I will also be posting a new video about Monster Bandz. For right now, also be sure to check out the MonsterBandz.com website, the Monster Bandz Facebook Fan Page, and the Monster Bandz Twitter.


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Very cool!! Hope you sell a ton of them!


i hope i win that pack on twitter allie you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I want these.

Where can you get these Allie?

beautiful shot. was it taken with your new camera?

Theses bandz make me smile

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