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Monkey Bands Pass One Million Packs Sold

Monkey Bands have been a huge hit for Bama Bandz. Also often called Cheeky Monkeys Bandz, Monkey Bandz, or Monkey Silly Bands, the assortment features monkeys with arms, legs, and tails that dangle from the wrist. The designs were created by Bama Bandz CEO and Owner Colin Wells, and a huge part of their appeal is that they are totally different than anything else on the market. According to Colin Wells, in the three months since they were released, Monkey Bands have surpassed over one million packs in sales. Monkey Bandz are available on BamaBandz.com and in over 8,000 retail stores. A second Monkey Bands design is currently in the works.


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http://www.crazysillybands.com or http://www.wackybandz.com

You can get these for even cheaper at the above site. :)

i have the blue monkey! i got it 4 a rlly good deal! all i had 2 trade wuz my tie dye paintbrush, (i had 3) it wuz like the best deal i have evr got!

i have the blue, green, and getting the yellow, and my sis has the pink and orange. ;)

got the yellow! yay!

I have the whole pack!They really glow better than any other bandz!I personally think the blue monkey is my faveorite,but I love them all.
5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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