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Logo Bandz Interview - Behind The Sports, Disney, & Superhero Bandz

Logo Bandz is known as the bandz company that makes licensed bandz featuring popular sports teams, Disney characters, and cartoon and comic book characters. The Sports Logo Bandz feature College, NFL, NHL, and NBA teams. The Character Bandz feature popular characters from Disney, Warner Bros, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and more.

Animal Bracelets Blog: What is your name and the name of your bandz company?
Logo Bandz: Kathryn Lewis, Forever Collectibles manufacturers of Logo Bandz and Character Bandz.

Animal Bracelets Blog: What do you do at your bandz company?
Logo Bandz: Marketing for our bandz!

Animal Bracelets Blog: What got you into the bandz making business?
Logo Bandz: We started to see the trend in our town, and we were also approached by our licensors.

Animal Bracelets Blog: How do you come up with your bandz designs?
Logo Bandz: Easy, we use popular team logos and character shapes.

Animal Bracelets Blog: What is the process you go through to make your bandz?
Logo Bandz: We develop artwork and work with our licensors to develop shapes that they will approve, then we send to our factories to develop molds.

Animal Bracelets Blog: How do you come up with the different names of your bandz packs?
Logo Bandz: It is a group effort, sometimes it is our design and development team, sometimes our sales team, and sometimes our licensors.

Animal Bracelets Blog: How many packs of bandz has your company sold?
Logo Bandz: Millions and millions!

Animal Bracelets Blog: What is your favorite bandz design?
Logo Bandz: Disney Bandzzz!!!!

Animal Bracelets Blog: Do you think the Animal Bracelets craze will ever slow down?
Logo Bandz: We hope not, but all of these types of trends slow down at some point.

Animal Bracelets Blog: How many states and countries do you sell your bandz in?
Logo Bandz: All 50.

Animal Bracelets Blog: What is your best selling pack of bandz?
Logo Bandz: Our Disney bandz are currently the best selling, but we have a lot of new packs that will be coming out soon!

Animal Bracelets Blog: If you could be any Animal Bracelet, what Animal Bracelets would you be and why?
Logo Bandz: A Disney Princess!


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