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Bandit-Os Six Packs

Awhile back, I blogged about twelve different bandz designs launched under the brand name Bandit-Os. The Bandit-Os were made by Fashion Angels, and they came in a pack of twelve rubber band bracelets. Well, I just discovered that Bandit-Os also makes a mini-pack that contains six rubber band bracelets. The Bandit-Os six packs feature the exact same designs as the twelve packs. Above is a photo of a Bandit-Os Bugs Stretch Bands six pack.

Since all the Bandit-Os six pack designs are the exact same as the Bandit-Os twelve packs, I won't be posting pictures of all of them, but I did want to let everyone know these Bandit-Os six packs are available. I found them in a checkout lane at Walgreens. Here is a photo of the back of the Bandit-Os Bugs Stretch Bands six pack.



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I have the "Transportation" pack of Bandit-O's.

they sell them in michaels =]

yah they do sell them in michaels! the thing is that the brand bandit-os, alot of the bands r a little 2 tight! guess thats just thwe ways they r made. :)

i just got the fashionista pack yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i saw them at walgreens too

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