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Are Silly Bandz A Good Investment?

One of the reasons often pointed out for why Animal Bracelets or Silly Bandz have caught on so quickly is that they are really inexpensive. People can buy a 24 pack of a name brand like Silly Bandz for as cheap as $5 in most stores. A 12 pack of generic bands can even be found in discount stores for as cheap as a $1. With a lot of people still out of work, Animal Bracelets or Silly Bandz are a good way for parents to save money and still get something their kids really want.

If you are buying Silly Bandz to make your kids happy, then they are always a great investment for the price. But how do Silly Bandz stack up against investing in gold, the stock market, or oil? It turns out that they stack up pretty well, and they are probably a better investment than the stock market right now. Animal Bracelets Blog has put together the world’s first ever Animal Bracelets & Silly Bandz Price Guide. This Bandz Price Guide is based on what Animal Bracelets and Bandz are selling for in the secondary market. You can still find them for $1 to $5 a pack in retail stores, but on eBay and in playgrounds across America, some of the most in demand Bandz packs are going for close to $40.


There are even single rubber bands selling for over $15. Think about it, a single rubber band that probably costs less than a penny to make and is between five and twenty cents in retail stores as part of a pack is re-selling for over $15. That certainly sounds like a good investment.


Of course, be warned, everyone tends to pay more for new Bandz when they first come out, and different Bandz are rare in different areas of the country. Prices fluctuate greatly based on location and can drop quickly if more supply becomes available. However, discontinued Bandz like the Hello Kitty Bandz showing up on eBay tend to demand the highest prices, and some really popular Bandz packs like the My BackPack Stretchy Shapes, Monkeys Bama Bandz, and Fantasy Silly Bandz seem to be so in demand that they are consistently selling for well above retail on the secondary market.



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I think silly bandz is a good investment. As recently cartoons, animals, shapes silly bandz are available everywhere online, next generation would love to wear silly bandz of their stars, celebrities types. So its a handy investment for me.

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i saw a 24 pack of normal and glittery hello kitty bands on ebay for $5

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