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Wild Bands Offers Several Animal Bracelets Designs


Here is a new brand of Animal Bracelets that I just learned about. They are called Wild Bands, and they currently offer seventeen different designs. Each Wilds Bands Pack contains twenty-four rubber band bracelets. Some of the designs are the familiar Dino, Farm, Sea, and Zoo shapes, but they also have several unique designs that I've never seen before. I hope to post pictures of some of the actual bands soon.

In addition to Dino, Farm, Sea, and Zoo Packs, Wild Bands also offers Birds, Princess, Musical, Jungle, Rock, Symbols, Letters, Numbers, Phrases, Text, Beach, Fruit, and Cars Packs. Two of my favorite designs from Wild Bands are the Text and the Phrases assortments. The Wild Bands Text Pack contains LOL, CYA, TTYL, BFF, BRB, and XOXO shaped rubber bands. This is a great idea for rubber band shapes and should be very popular.

The Wild Bands Phrases Pack contains Cool, I Heart U, Wild, Hot, Peace, and Fun rubber bands.


To check out all of the different Wilds Bands Packs, go to the LeadingEdgeNovelty.com website, and keep checking back here because I will be posting photos of the actual bands soon.


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i bought a 12 pk not wild bandz that had all of the phrases and texts combined! no doubles but i still saved money for trying to get both packs!!!!! lol!

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