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Wild Bands Interview: Behind The Bands


Today, I’m introducing a new series of interview articles on Animal Bracelets Blog that will focus on the men and women behind the bandz. Each interview will be with a different bandz/bandz company and will give details on how Animal Bracelets are made.
Animal Bracelets Blog: What is your name and the name of your bandz company?
Wild Bands: Our names are Stuart & Robert Levitt. Our Compay name is Leading Edge Novelty.

Animal Bracelets Blog: What do you do at your bandz company?
Wild Bands: We are both Co-Presidents and Founders.

Animal Bracelets Blog: What got you into the bandz making business?
Wild Bands: We are a toy company that creates items and we saw this item on one of our trips to Asia and created WILD BANDS and designs because we felt this was an item kids from the ages of 5 to 25 would like.  We are leaders in trend items and if you visit my website you will see other items that have been and continue to be very successful.

Animal Bracelets Blog: What is the process you go through to make your bandz?
Wild Bands: We develop all the art here in the U.S.  Then we send the art and our specs to our factory in China, where the product is made and packaged in accordance with all CPSIA rules.
Animal Bracelets Blog: How do you come up with the different names of your bandz packs?
Wild Bands: Everyone in the office contributes to this process. We all come up with our ideas and decide as a group which will work best.

Animal Bracelets Blog: How many packs of bandz has your company sold?
Wild Bands: Close to 2 million…
Animal Bracelets Blog: What is your favorite bandz design?
Wild Bands: Our new TEXT designs.
Animal Bracelets Blog: Do you think the Animal Bracelets craze will ever slow down?
Wild Bands: Of course, but I do not believe you will see them slow down before the end of this year.
Animal Bracelets Blog: How many states and countries do you sell your bandz in?
Wild Bands: All 50 states
Animal Bracelets Blog: What is your best selling pack of bandz?
Wild Bands: Right now it is the Dino, Farm, Sea and Zoo Series.

Animal Bracelets Blog: If you could be any Animal Bracelet, what Animal Bracelets would you be and why? 
Wild Bands: I would be a bird because I love to fly.


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