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Tie Dye Silly Bandz

Tie Dye Silly Bandz, Tie Dye Animal Bracelets, Tie Dye Bandz, and Tie Dye Animal Rubber Bands. Whatever you call them, everybody wants them. The hottest new thing in Bandz is tie dyed versions. Tie Dyed Sillybandz are animal and shaped rubber bands that come in a mixture of colors. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular packs of Tie Dye Animal Bracelets.

Tie Dye My Backpack Stretchy Shapes – These were some of the first Tie Dye Bandz on the market, and they are also some of the most popular. The Tie Dye MP3 player in the My Backpack Pack is considered one of the rarest rubber bands.


Tie Dye Dragons – The Zanybandz Tie Dye Dragonz are a relatively new pack, and they are proving to be one of Zanybandz biggest hits. Dragon shapes are considered rare in Silly Bands, so when you add in tie-dyed version, it is bound to be popular.

Tie Dye Spring Break Stretchy Shapes – Another one of the early Tie Dye Bandz. Almost as popular as the My Backpack Pack. The Tie Dye Bikini is considered to be very collectible.

Swirl Doodle Bandz – Another one of the first tie dye packs on the market. The Limited Edition Swirl Pack from Doodle Bandz features a number of popular shapes in a swirl color design.

Tie Dye Monkey Bandz – The Tie Dye Monkey Bandz from Bama Bandz also glow in the dark. These are some of the hottest Bandz around, and they are selling out everywhere.

Tie Dye USA Rubba Bandz – These are also just now starting to arrive in stores. With July 4th coming up, these tie dyed patriotic shapes are sure to be a gigantic hit.

Tie Dye Hipster Stretchy Shapes – The newest tie dye pack from Stretchy Shapes. This pack is just now starting to hit stores, and it is selling out. Everyone loves the Tie Dye Peace Symbol.

Tie Dye Hollywood – Another new pack from Zanybandz. Tie Dye Hollywood might help Animal Bracelets gain a following on the West Coast.

Tie Dye Beach – Just in time for Summer, Zanybandz has released a Tie Dye At The Beach Pack. Beach designs are already popular, so a tie dyed version is going to be double as popular.

Tie Dye Treats And Sweets BandsBandzmania has just released a new tie dyed Treats and Sweets Pack. Candy shapes are hugely popular, so the tie dye versions should be hot.

Animal Tie Dye Rubba Bandz – From the Rubba Bandz line, a number of their popular shapes are available in tie dyed versions. Assortments include Farm Animals, Sea Creatures, Petting Zoo, Wild Things, and Lovely Critters.

Tie Dye Camo Rubba Bandz - A very unique design from Rubba Bandz that will be hitting stores soon. Tie Dye rubber bands in camouflaged colors for the rubber band hunter.

Tie Dye Animal Rubber Bands – Not sure who makes all of these, but there are a number of packs of tie dyed animals and shapes in generic packs labeled animal rubber bands or cute shape band. Most of them can be found on Amazon.com.


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OMG!!!!!!!! I soo want these TYE DYE silly bandz.... There totally awesome.... the only tye dye silly bandz i have is the tye dye alphabet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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