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Scented Silly Bandz

Scented Silly Bandz, Scented Animal Bands, Scented Bandz, Scented Animal Bracelets and Scented Animal Rubber Bands. They go by many different names, but they all smell good. Adding a scent to rubber bands is the latest thing. I compiled a list of some of the most popular scented animal rubber bands.

Scented Fast Food Stretchy Shapes – Of all the scented rubber bands, there is something about the vanilla scented Fresh Food Stretchy Shapes that is especially pleasing. All scented rubber bands are fun, but I’m picking these vanilla scented rubber bands as the best smelling rubber bands on the planet.


Scented Animal Bands – These scented animal bands by Rubba Bandz were some of the first scented animal rubber bands released. They come in a wide variety of shapes, including Farm Animals, Sea Creatures, Petting Zoo, Wild Thing, and Lovely Creatures.

Scented Fresh Food Stretchy Shapes – Another good smelling bandz pack by Stretchy Shapes. While I have to pick the vanilla scented as the absolute best, the strawberry scented Fresh Food Stretchy Shapes are a good smell as well.

Scented Fruitful Life Faith Bands – These Faith Bands feature twelve different fruit shapes with a great fruity smell. They also contain an insert with a religious message that goes along with the shapes.

Scented Shaped Rubber Bands – There are various scented rubber bands under names like Shaped Rubber Bands featuring everything from bugs, pets, fashion, music, sea life, princess, traffic, angel, and sports. I’m really interested to see what the sports scented ones smell like. Not sure who makes these bands, but most of these can be found on Amazon.com.


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i have the scented pizza. it lost its sent tho. :P

how do they lose their scent?

@taylor- they lose their sent when u wear them alot, or if u always r taking it on and off 2 show ppl the shape of it.

I have the whole fast food pack.


i want em!!!

r they expensive

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