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Rare Silly Bandz

What are the rarest of the rare Silly Bandz? I’ve already blogged about rare Animal Bracelets Packs and popular and rare Animal Bracelets, but this post will be about just rare Silly Bandz Packs, which means all the rubber band bracelets were made by Silly Bandz. There is no Hedgehog rubber band on this list, because it wasn’t made by Silly Bandz.

1. The rarest of all rare Silly Bandz Packs is the Silly Bandz Swimsuit Pack. The Swimsuit Silly Bandz Pack is one of only two Silly Bandz assortments that are no longer being made. The Silly Bandz Swimsuit Pack is also often called the Silly Bandz Underwear Pack, because many of the swimsuit shapes also look like underwear.

2. The second rarest of the rare Silly Bandz Packs is the Outer Space Silly Bandz Pack. The Outer Space designs are only available at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. While most Silly Bandz Packs can be found in thousands of stores, the fact that this one is available in only one store makes it extremely rare. It is so rare that most Silly Bandz collectors have never even heard of it.

3. The third rarest of the rare Silly Bandz Packs is the Christmas Silly Bandz. Besides the Swimsuit Silly Bandz Pack, the Christmas Silly Bandz Pack is the only other discontinued Silly Bandz Pack. There were a lot of them in stores during Christmas, so it wasn’t rare then, but most of them are gone now, and look for this one to become rare if Silly Bandz goes with a different design next Christmas.

4. The fourth rarest of the rare Silly Bandz Packs is the Fantasy Shapes Silly Bandz Pack. The Fantasy Silly Bandz Pack might not be rare in the long run as Silly Bandz keeps making more, but it is one of the most popular packs, and supply is not keeping up with demand. The Dragon and Phoenix are considered rare shapes in the Fantasy Shapes Silly Bandz Pack.

5. The fifth rarest of the rare Silly Bandz Packs is the Basic Shapes Silly Bandz Pack. While this one is easier to find now, it was extremely difficult to find when Silly Bandz were first starting to get popular. The Sun in the Silly Bandz Basic Shapes Pack is considered to be a rare Silly Bandz, because everyone wants it.

6. The sixth rarest of the rare Silly Bandz Packs is the Rockbandz Silly Bandz Pack. The Silly Bandz Rockbandz Pack is another case where demand is overwhelming supply. As Silly Bandz keeps churning them out, eventually it might not be rare, but right now more people want the Rockbandz pack than have the Rockbandz Pack.

7. The seventh rarest of the rare Silly Bandz Packs is the Rainforest Silly Bandz Pack. As the newest Silly Bandz Pack, not many people yet have the Silly Bandz Rainforest Pack. The rare few who do have the Rainforest Silly Bandz Pack are able to get several other bands in trade for one band from the Rainforest Pack.


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yo the peace sign is the most rarest one in the world only 23 in existence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a sparkly clear rhino,neon yellow chick'wiener dog,purple giraffe with blue sparkles,blue unicorn,yellow pheonix with red sparkles,yellow,pink and orange tie die banana,anda sparkly genie.My name is Arianna.

i have eleven dinosaurs,two sandcastles.two camels,a cat,a chick,a tie die boat,a shark,a tie die hippo,a hat,a small kangaroo,rabbit,llama.My name is Caitlin

I really wanna know where I can but these bracelets! They don't have these type at the stores I get mine from. They just have common animals. Please inform me as to where I can get these bands. I also buy online if anyone knows anyone who sells these online. Thanks! :)

you can buy them at ebay.com or amazon.com

yo i want a hunting pack i got 16

I was wondering can you do an article on wether the platypus is rare oR not ? If it is how rare is it?

I have a green rabbit, green dinosaur , yellow heart, teal rhino, blue dolphin,yellow/orange llama, and a blue and white tie dye sandcastle.


i luv silly bandz does anyone know if they have the michael jordan sign bracelet? also if you know, how rare is it?

is a hedge hog rare

is there a platypus band? ( silly, crazy, goofy )

i have 200 silly bandz and i am ordering 8 more 24 packs of silly bandz plus the 36 pck of alphabet silly bandz!!!!!

i have the rarest of rarest the hedgehog and the swim pack!!!

i have the alphabet, the western, the princess, the baseball, farm animals, hunting, zoo, fantasy, rock, music, spring, (i have no idea what pack it was in but a sheep, sahrk), fun shapes and more..... i lost count at 397 or 398 @:D (c:

My friend has the hedghog :] her friend gave it to her its cuteeee i have the hand rock sign one ITS AWSOMEEE but how did they get so popular i mean they came out of no where to me!!!!

wow these r awesome i love silly bandz they r soooooooooooo cool i want more

where can i get the rare silly bandz i want like all of them omg are they gonna make more????

is there a platypus silly band? or rubber band? and where can u buy the rare ones?

The dollar sign is considered rarre all across Long Island I see kids in school asking their friends, parents, and even strangers, if they can trade for the dollar sign! I diddnt know what the red one was I thought itn was a monkey LOL now I see it says rock but sadly its broken oh and I thought he guy was a running man.. Now he looks better :P OH! They have the boxersShe's got a halo around her fingerwim trunks in a new beach pack I got from CVS its owesome :P

actually, the glow in the dark vampire is the RAREST. or at least that's what i've heard.
i've also heard that there is only 3 in existence.
now i yearn 4 1.

The dollar sign is not That rare.The raest one or at least that raest are the Gina,Tye-Die limo and the Monkey. The monkey is so new to my school. I only have 8 silly-bandz.LOL.

does anyone know who the big nosed guy is in the guess who pack of silly bandz??
I know who all the rest are but , not him !

Hey does ANYONE know if there is a platypus?????? Oh and I don't think that the tie-dye peace sign is all that rare. Like, ALL (Well not like.....They all do.) :) of my friends have it including me. Everyone I know says the glow in the dark vampire, fire breathing dragon, platypus,(if there even is one) and the llama are the most rare. NO ONE at our school has them.

OMG I have the heart!!! Does anyone know where to get a peace sign???

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