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Just Another Ban On The Silly Bandz

There seem to be two topics in every article coming out about Silly Bandz. The first topic is that Silly Bandz are so popular retailers can’t keep them in stock. The second topic is that Silly Bandz are so popular that schools are starting to ban them. Even though the articles tend to call them Silly Bandz, because they are the best known brand name, they are actually referring to any type of shape or animal rubber band bracelet. Many kids call them Animal Bracelets to refer to any of the different brands, but it’s more fun for newspapers to say ban on the bandz than it is to say ban on the Animal Bracelets.

The Gaston Gazette, which is the newspaper for Gastonia, North Carolina, has the latest report on a school banning of the bandz. The article is called “Ban on Bandz?” The article starts off talking about how The Teacher Box on Union Road in Gastonia is getting twenty-five calls a day about various bandz. One of the owners says that Silly Bandz sales have been the majority of their business this month.

The article then goes on to say that Belmont Central Elementary put a ban on the bracelets about a month ago. According to the article, students were playing with them in class and a teacher was accidentally hit with one.

WPTV Channel 5 in Stuart, Florida has a news story called “Silly Bandz causing distractions in schools.” WPTV reports that the Stuart’s Learning Express Store got in 700 bandz and 95% of them were sold in the first three hours. WPTV lists some of the brands as Silly Bandz, Crazy Bands, and Zany Bandz.

WPTV reports that while Citrus Grove Elementary hasn’t banned them yet, the principal is quoted as saying that he’s considering adding some restrictions. According to the principal, some students are not eating lunch or not attending class because they are busy playing with their bracelets.


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