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Funky Bandz Interview: Behind The Funk

I hope you have been enjoying the interviews with the men and women at the companies behind the bandz. Today’s interview is with Funky Bandz that makes such designs as Funky Girl, Funky Hippie, and Funky Beach.
Animal Bracelets Blog: What is your name and the name of your bandz company?
Funky Bandz: FUNKY BANDZ
Animal Bracelets Blog: What do you do at your bandz company?
Funky Bandz: My partner and I do everything that has to do  with a business. Sometimes we are asnwering phones, writing orders, packing or come up with new designs for bands or new products

Animal Bracelets Blog: What got you into the bandz making business?
Funky Bandz: Before bandz got really big in Alabama, my daughter thought there should be more styles of bands. At that time I think there was 3 or 4 styles. Soon after we where creating styles.

Animal Bracelets Blog: How do you come up with your bandz designs?
Funky Bandz: I know there are many companies that make bands, so try to go down a different path then others. This is why we opted out of the alphabet and princess packages. We receive many requests from fans and friends about new ideas.

Animal Bracelets Blog: What is the process you go through to make your bandz?
Funky Bandz: First we must pick a theme and draw the bandz out. I am very funny about the colors of the bands because they should go with the theme.

Animal Bracelets Blog: How do you come up with the different names of your bandz packs?
Funky Bandz: Usually it is something general for kids to remember

Animal Bracelets Blog: How many packs of bandz has your company sold?
Funky Bandz: Allie, I will have to check on that one... But a lot!

Animal Bracelets Blog: What is your favorite bandz design?
Funky Bandz: Hippie is my favorite because the designs are very sharp and the colors are so fun!

Animal Bracelets Blog: Do you think the Animal Bracelets craze will ever slow down?
Funky Bandz: I do, I think for it to spread every where, will take over a year. As long as we continue coming up with new ideas…it will last longer!

Animal Bracelets Blog: How many states and countries do you sell your bandz in?
Funky Bandz: Nearly every state and we are working with some countries right now. We have over a 100 sales reps in all the different states.

Animal Bracelets Blog: What is your best selling pack of bandz?
Funky Bandz: Hippie sells faster then any pack as of right now. Everyone loves this package!

Animal Bracelets Blog: If you could be any Animal Bracelet, what Animal Bracelets would you be and why?
Funky Bandz: I think we would have to be the peace sign. Not only does this mean peace…but I think of all the fun things that go along with it. The peace sign brings a smile to everyone’s face and that is what we at Funky Bandz are trying to do everyday.


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