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Funky Bandz Announces Four New Designs

Funky Bandz has just announced four brand new designs. The four new Funky Bandz assortments are Super Star, Texting, Military and Camping. The Funky Bandz Super Star Pack contains Microphone, Sunglasses, Limo, Action Sign, Music Note, and Movie Camera rubber bands.


The Funky Bandz Texting Pack contains Cell Phone, OMG, TMI, BFF, L8R,and LOL rubber bands. All the Funky Bandz Texting designs have the special feature of being tie dye rubber bands.

The Funky Bandz Military Pack contains Tank, Ship, Helicopter, Jet, Liberty Bell and Eagle rubber bands. Some of the bandz in the Funky Bandz Military Pack are red, white, and blue tie dye rubber bands.


The Funky Bandz Camping Pack contains Army Knife, Roasting Marsh-mellows, Wolf, Moose, Bear, and Pine Tree rubber bands.



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i <3 the txting 1nz!

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