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Where Can You Find Animal Bracelets In New York?


New York is a new hot state for Animal Bracelets. I’m getting a lot of email from people asking where you can find Silly Bandz or Animal Bracelets or Animal Rubber Bands in New York. New York is also now the second highest state in number of visitors coming to Animal Bracelets Blog. Even though Animal Bracelets are becoming hugely popular in New York, they are also apparently hugely difficult to find in New York. While there are a lot of stores that carry Animal Bracelets in New Jersey, virtually no one appears to be carrying them in New York City. If you know of places in New York City carrying Animal Bracelets, then please add them in the comment section of this post. Here is a list of stores that I have put together for the state of New York.
Stores In New York That Carry Silly Bandz
Card Corner 2, 655 Rossville Ave, Stanten, New York 10309
Greenridge Cards Gifts, 3259 Richmond Ave, Staten Island, New York 10312
Le Marc's Hallmark, 63 Commercial Ave., Garden City, New York 11530
Fun Stuff Toys, 3639 Merrick Road, Seaford, New York 11783

Stores In New York That Carry Stretchy Shapes
Concord Paper, 538 Larkfield Rd, East Northport, NY
Epsteins, 21 Columbus Ave, Tuckahoe, NY
Fantastic Kids Toys, 282 Main St, Huntington, NY
Funky Monkey, 360 Wheatley Place, Greenvale, NY
Hom Bom Toys, 1500 First Ave, New York, NY
Imagination Station, 2515 Main St, Lake Placid, NY
A Little Bit of Country, Staten Island, NY
Learning Express, Sommers Commons, 80 Rte 6, Baldwin Place, NY
Learning Express, 2965 Veterans Rd W, Staten Island, NY
Lynne’s Card and Gift, 137 Main St, Westhampton, NY
Twigs Cards and Gifts, 639 Middleneck Rd, Great Neck, NY
Young Imagination, 130 Deer Park Ave, Babylon, NY

Learning Express Toys In New York (usually carry several brands of Animal Bracelets)
Learning Express Toys of Baldwin Place, Somers Commons. 80 Route 6, Baldwin Place, NY 10505
Learning Express Toys of Bedford, 434 Old Post Road, Bedford, NY 10506
Learning Express Toys of Rye, 28 Purchase Street, Rye, NY 10580
Learning Express Toys of Scarsdale, 21 Spencer Place, Scarsdale, NY 10583
Learning Express Toys of Staten Island, South Shore Commons, 2965 Veterans Road West, Staten Island, NY 10309


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I just came back from Canal Street in NYC and found 15+ vendors within a 7 block area that were selling Bandz. Found one street vendor that had 25+ different design packs on a standing rack. All were 12 in a pack & no more than $2.00 per.

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