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Top Ten Animal Bracelets - Rare & Popular

It's been awhile since I've done a Top Ten Animal Bracelets list. There are now so many different Animal Bracelet designs that what is popular tends to vary from state to state. My new Top Ten Animal Bracelets list is based on what readers and stores are telling me are hot. Many of these bandz are rare, but some of them are popular just because they are cool shapes. The bandz come from a variety of makers including Silly Bandz, Zanybandz, Stretchy Shapes, +d, Bama Bandz, and Rubba Bandz. I'm sure there are some other hot ones that I missed that belong on the list, because different bands are popular in different schools, so feel free to post about other popular bands in the comment section. 

1. MP3 Player Rubber Band - Made by Stretchy Shapes, this is the most popular rubber band bracelets in the very hot My Backpack Pack. Kids are trading upwards of twenty other rubber bands for one MP3 Player Rubber Band, and prices as high as $10 for a single band have been reported.

2. Hedgehog Rubber Band - This is one of the coolest animal shapes made, and because it originally only  came one to a Toysmith Animal Shaped Rubber Bands Pack, it quickly gained a reputation as being rare. It's often pointed out in newspaper reports as one of the rarest and most desirable bands. The Hedgehog (or sometimes called Porcupine) rubber band can demand ten to fifteen other rubber bands in a trade.

3. Dinosaur Necklace Rubber Band - As the largest bandz ever made, this is one of the few bandz that kids can wear as a necklace. The Dinosaur Necklace rubber band is made by +d and only comes one to a pack. Very few stores carry this particular Dinosaur assortment, and they usually sell out fast. The Dinosaur Necklace often commands ten to twenty other rubber bands in a trade.

4. Man-Eating Shark - Of all the bands that I designed, the Man-Eating Shark seems to be the most popular. Yes, I might be a little biased here, because I designed this one as part of the Allie's Beach Bands Pack that is made by Bama Bandz. Not a day goes by without me getting an email from someone trying to find the Man-Eating Shark rubber band and Allie's Beach Bands Pack in general. Apparently, there is huge demand in the Northeast for these, but not many stores that carry them. A Man-Eating Shark rubber band is commanding ten other rubber bands in trade, when it can be found.

5. Rockstar Rubber Band - The Silly Bandz Rockbandz Pack is white hot. The Silly Bandz Rockbandz Pack has been consistently among the bestsellers on Amazon.com since it was released. Really, all of the Rockbandz shapes could have made the top ten, because they are all popular. However, the Rockstar shape seems to be the most popular shape in the pack. Any of the Rockbandz usually command five to ten other bands in a trade.

6. Dragon Rubber Band - The Mystical Rubba Bandz Pack is the most popular pack from Rubba Bandz, and the Dragon is the coolest shape in the pack. They also seem to be in short supply and difficult to find in stores. The Dragon rubber band will often command five to ten other bands in trade. That is when it can be found, because it is really difficult to find.

7. Alien Rubber Band - The Silly Bandz Outer Space Pack might very well be the rarest of all the Silly Bandz packs. While most Silly Bandz Packs are sold in thousands of stores throughout the United States, the Silly Bandz Outer Space Pack is only available at U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. This pack is so rare that not a lot of people even know it exists. When a pack does show up for trade, almost any of the shapes will command between ten to twenty other bands. All the shapes are popular, but the Alien shape tends to be the most popular.

8. Hi-Top Sneaker Rubber Band - Also called the Tennis Shoe Rubber Band, the Hi-Top Sneaker shape is in the very popular Stretchy Shapes My Backpack Pack. After the MP3 player, the Hi-Top Sneaker is the most popular shape in the back. It can command around 15 bands in a trade. Everyone loves these shapes because the designs are so good, and they are tie-dye.

9. Spider Rubber Band -The Zanybandz Bugz & Beez Pack is a consistent favorite among kids. Everyone likes all the bug shapes and that they glow in the dark. The Spider rubber band is usually the most popular shape in the pack, even though the Caterpillar and Snail are also popular. The Spider rubber band usually commands five to ten other bands in trade.

10. Giraffe With A Tail Rubber Band - While the Giraffe Without A Tail Rubber Band is very common, the Giraffe With A Tail Rubber Band made by Rubba Bandz is much more rare. Kind of like the Hedgehog rubber band, the Giraffe With A Tail Rubber Band was one of the earliest rubber bands to get a reputation at being hard to find. More have started to show up, so it has started to drop in popularity, but it still usually commands five other bands in a trade.


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What's weird is that in our school that dragon is considered one of the ugliest and most common animal bracelet!!!

love the hedgehog

awsome braclets

i have all completly not rare for my state, any ways keep collecting

A friend of mine has the hello kitty bracelet. Does anyone know where I can find them?

you should do a top ten list of the biggest animal bracelets and the smallest animal bracelets (:

i'm the only one at my school with that dragon and it's my favorite! i also want that hedgehog one

@ luna.e I have em' too. You can get them at the dollar store! But They're the cheap ones though. BUT They're still animal bracelets. They also have Mickey Ears Too!


i have 4 genies!!!!and 4 or 5 of the fantasy pack

ihave the hedgehog, spider and rocker. in my school, the monkey is most wanted i had one that i traded for 200 sillybanz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I TOTALLY WANT THE HEDGEHOG I'M TOTALLY OBSESSED WITH HEDGEHOGS!!!!!!!!!!!! does anyone know where I cand find one?

I have the spider but I think the MP3 is supposed to be an iPod.

i ♥ the hedge hog its so cutte!!!! my friend has about 10 hedge hogs i had the spider but i traded it sooo mad but i like to collect them♥♥♥♥♥

i didn't realize how rare the hedgehog was i got two in a pack at walgreens

i am getting the ipod in 3 days i got mine off of ebay

i have the hedge hog and the rocker dude . i totally want some more . i love them so very much

Does the hedgehog or porcupine have to be brown to be rare or can it be purple? because i have the purple one.

i have the hedgehog and the rocker.but my hedgehog is puple you can get the rocker from justice!

iam gettin the ipod soon and i hav a glow in the dark hedgehog...IS THT RARE?

I have a rocker one. I didn't know that was rare...heh heh...YES! xD Mwahahah!

I have the tie dye train, tie dye unicorn and a tie dye hockey player. BUT I DON'T EVEN LIKE HOCKEY!!! the only reason i traded is because i traded a six year old! he says a tie dye equals 2 silly bands! i think it was a hippo and a dinosaur. what a rip for that kid! also, 4 genies, 4 phoenixes, 4 dragons and a genie lamp!!! the genies, dragons and phoenixes are all sparkly. and i have a sparkly giraffe, which isn't a silly band. it's a rubba band.

i was wondering is the giraffe was really rar because i got one from a friend and one without a tail too. me and my grandma didn't know what to make of it.i also really want the ipod and the peace sign

I have two of the hedgehog. It's so cute! ♥

These bands are awesome! so are you! I am a few years older than you are and could never rn a website like this!

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