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Stretchy Shapes Hipster Pack

I just got some samples today of the Stretchy Shapes Hipster Pack. All the Hipster designs are very detailed. They also are all tie-dyed, which is very popular right now. The Stretchy Shapes Hipster assortment includes Guitar, Love, Lava Lamp, Bus, Peace Sign, and Peace Symbol rubber bands. There are twenty-four rubber band bracelets in a pack, four each of six different designs. My favorite is the Peace Symbol, which will likely become as popular as the MP3 Player is in the Stretchy Shapes My Backpack Pack. I can tell already that the Peace Symbol will be a band that you will have to trade multiple other rubber bands for.

The Stretchy Shapes Hipster Pack is one of three new designs released by Stretchy Shapes. The other two new designs are Stretchy Shapes Happy Birthday Pack and Stretchy Shapes Good Job Pack. All three new designs are available for order on the StretchyShapes.com website. 


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i love it too just like you peace out

Those look awesome!

i have all of those execpt the bus and the lava lamp i really want the lava lamp!

I want those!!!!!!

they look so f****n cool I WANT THEM

I have those. I just got them and they rock. I recomend this pack to everyone.

The dry river-bed finds no thanks for its past.

I have the Peace silly band (green) but it broke. Is it rare because it's not a multi coloured one like the ones shown...?

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