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SillyBandz On WalletPop

WalletPop.com has a new article on Animal Bracelets called "SillyBandz all the rage in the grade school set." The article makes the usual comparision of SillyBandz to Webkinz and Pokemon cards. The article notes that the popular bands have led to waiting lists, fighting in the aisles, and store clerks taking payoffs. As I blogged last week, SillyBandz on Amazon.com are dominating the bestsellers list.

The article also breaks some previously unreported news. SillyBandz has been making private label bands from the Red Cross, Michael J.Fox Foundation, Autism, Hershey's chocolate and many more. I haven't seen these private label bands yet, so if anyone has pictures, then please send them to me.

The article also points out that while SillyBandz are hugely popular in many areas of the United States, they haven't caught on in California yet. From my blog traffic, New York and Florida are sending the most visitors currently, and California is way down the list. It's inevitable that SillyBandz will eventually catch on in California, but they appear to be spreading a couple of states at a time.

The president of Silly Bandz credits viral social media as building the buzz around the bands. People posting and trading on Facebook has been a big part of the Animal Bracelets craze spreading from state to state.


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i <3 these bracelets but i can never find them here in simi valley

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