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Silly Bandz Making Headlines In North Carolina Again

  As I've blogged recently, North Carolina is one of the latest states to catch Animal Bracelets fever. There have been a number of news articles on Silly Bandz in North Carolina, and the latest article comes from The Daily Reflector in Greenville, North Carolina. The Daily Reflector article is called "There's nothing silly about this new trend." The article contains some quotes from Brad Proctor, who is the Director of Social Marketing for Roundtable Toys. Above is a photo of part of the huge Animal Bracelets display at Roundtable Toys.

Proctor is quoted as saying that things are really getting crazy at Roundtable Toys, and people are lining up to buy Animal Bracelets. Proctor also pointed out that the bands are not just animal shapes, but there are all sorts of shapes. Proctor says Roundtable Toys receives between 150 to 200 orders a day online for Silly Bandz.

The article says that Silly Bandz have defied industry trends in several ways. One way is that the trend started in Alabama and has spread throughout the East Coast. In the past, trends have usually started on the West Coast and moved East. Also, Silly Bandz have achieved huge success with no television advertising and very limited marketing.


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