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Silly Bandz In New York Times

More Animal Bracelets news out of New York. The New York Times has an article called “Silly Bandz, the Bracelets That Spring Off Shelves.” The article tells how silicone bracelets are popular with kids from elementary to high school. Toy stores in New York and New Jersey are selling out of the bracelets.  An interesting point made is that when schools start banning the bracelets, they are actually becoming even more popular with kids because they are contraband.

The article mentions some of the different brands of Animal Bracelets like Silly Bandz, Zanybandz and Crazy Bands. The rubber band bracelets are popular on Facebook, YouTube, and eBay. The president of Zanybandz is quoted as saying that Learning Express stores in Birmingham picked up on the craze and went from selling 25 packs a month to 7,000 packs a month. An analytics for Needham & Company points out that it is refreshing to see something so simple catch on with kids in this high-tech era.


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