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Rubber Band Bracelets In New York News

As I blogged recently, Animal Bracelets have taken New York by storm. SILive.com has an article called "Bandz bracelets are big news." The article covers rubber band bracelets have become really popular in Staten Island, New York. Learning Express in Charleston was the first toy store on Staten Island to carry bandz. The article notes that the Animal Bracelets craze only recently took off in the area, and now several others stores like Walgreens, Target, Toys R' Us, and card stores carry the bracelets also.

The owner of the Learning Express in Charleston says that the store sold $20,000 of bandz last month. Kids line up at the store and wait for the UPS truck to arrive in order to buy the bandz. Some parents are paying up to five times market value for a pack of rubber band bracelets. The article points out that some bands are more popular than others and kids will trade multiple bands to get them.


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