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Animal Tie Dye Rubba Bandz

P.I.I. (Panaria International Inc.) has revealed an Animal Tie Dye Rubba Bandz Pack. The Animal Tie Dye Rubba Bandz Pack actually features numerous animal, dinosaur, and sea creature designs. The Farm Animals, Sea Creatures, Petting Zoo, Wild Things, and Lovely Critters shapes all get the tie dye rubber band treatment. The Animal Tie Dye Rubba Bandz Pack contains twelve rubber band bracelets, two each of six different designs. The Animal Tie Dye Rubba Bandz are available for retailers to order on the Panaria.com website.


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need one

ugh i need some! they are soooo cool! i cant find them anywhere but online! my best find were the monkeys but theyre regular ones but still awesome :) anyone kno where u can get them??? (in florida)

claires, family dollar, stables, ziggy boutique, and walgreens has scented ones :D

U can get em at bandzamania at international plaza.....walgreens, hallmark, and other places like learning express! :D

Were at claires can u find it the back front I really want to know


where do they sell this tie dye ones??

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