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Animal Bracelets Update – Zanybandz, Silly Bandz, Faith Bands, Stretchy Shapes, & Bama Bandz

What’s going on in the world of Animal Bracelets? Here is what some of the major rubber band bracelets sites are talking about. Zanybandz.com: Zanybandz has been making blog posts about the Zanybandz Zany Girls. The Zany Girls have been spreading Zanybandz joy at various places such as rolling skate parties.
StretchyShapes.com: Stretchy Shapes is teasing that they will be announcing three new packs in just a couple weeks. They are promising that the designs are unlike any other designs and are super cool.

SillyBandz.com: Silly Bandz has been announcing stores that will be carrying their new Fantasy Shapes Bandz. Silly Bandz has also been teasing that there will be a very special announcement in the next few weeks. Wonder what it could be?

FaithBands.org: Faith Bands will soon be announcing a new assortment. Faith Bands has offered some clues on their blog, such as the title of the set has two G’s, and the first word of the title rhymes with slow.

BamaBandz.com: Bama Bandz is promising to release five new designs on their website on April 9. The new designs are Gators Football, Glow Hunting, Glow Mythical, Glow Beach 2, and Glow Alligators.


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Zany Bandz have changed my thoughts.

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