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Stretchy Shapes Winners Announced

A little while back Stretchy Shapes held a contest to help select their new packaging design. To enter the contest, people just had to leave a comment on either Animal Bracelets Blog or the StretchyShapes.com website voting on one of two packaging designs. Today, Stretchy Shapes selected one winner from both sites to receive three free packs of Stretchy Shapes. Winner #1 is Hunt who posted “The zipper pack is awesome and you are awesome! PICK ME FOR THE WINNER!!” on February 17, 2010 at stretchyshapes.com. Winner #2 is Erin who posted “Zipper pretty please?! With sugar and cute little shaped rubber bands on top!” on March 2, 2010 at animalbraceletsblog.com. Winners should email [email protected] with their shipping address. Also, based on the overwhelming positive feedback in support of the zipper pouch, Stretchy Shapes has selected the zipper pouch as their new packaging design.

In other Stretchy Shapes news, their six new designs will be in stock in their online store on Friday of this week. Also, some of you have emailed me asking what stores carry Stretchy Shapes, and Stretchy Shapes has just posted a list of stores that carry Stretchy Shapes.


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i reaaallyy wantedd to winnn:(

me tooo... :(

and i hadd the bestt onee!! :/

I didn't vote because I didn't even know about Stretchy Shapes then or Animal Bracelets Blog.

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