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Stretchy Shapes Fast Food Pack

At Toy Fair, Stretchy Shapes announces six brand new Animal Bracelets packs. I've already blogged about the Stretchy Shapes My Backpack Pack, which are tie-dyed rubber band bracelets. Today, I've got photos of the Stretchy Shapes Fast Food Pack. The special feature on the Stretchy Shapes Fast Food Pack is that they are vanilla scented. The vanilla is very easy to smell, and these rubber bands smell really good.


The Stretchy Shapes Fast Food Pack contains twenty-four rubber band bracelets. The Stretchy Shapes Fast Food assortment consists of French Fries, Corndog, Milkshake, Chinese Takeout, Ice Cream, and Pizza. The colors in the assortment are gray, white, pink, yellow, dark brown, and light brown. The Stretchy Shapes Fast Food Pack will soon be available for order on the StretchyShapes.com website.


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i love the fast food pack i aleady traded a hamburger with my friend at school

I love animal bracelets! So far I have collected 24 glow in the dark water creatures, and 24 bag o dogz2.I love them all.

I would really like to get my grubby little hands on these! Considering my favorite candle scent is vanilla I know I will adore these bandz.

@Claire There is no hamburger in the pack.

I have this pack. They are amazing and they smell amazing. I'm wearing the milkshake right now.

I'm an avid collector of animals stuff, I actually have 20 bracelets and lot more!

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