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Silly Bandz In Tampa News

As I've blogged before, Florida is the latest state to catch Animal Bracelets fever. Stories about Silly Bandz are starting to show up in Florida newspapers and websites. Tampa Bay Online has a story called "Silly Bandz take shape as hot collectible.The article talks about how Silly Bandz have really caught on with Tampa Bay school children. Walgreens is mentioned as one of the stores that kids go to in search of Silly Bandz.

A Walgreens manager talks about how moms and dads are coming in looking for them and how they are doing their best to try to keep them in stock. The article says that Walgreens stores in other states are redirecting their supply to Tampa, because demand is so high there. One Walgreens store in Tampa has sold more than two thousand packages in the last month.

The article also talks about how some shapes are more rare than other shapes. The Hedgehog rubber band bracelet is mentioned as one of the more valuable shapes. Kids in Tampa will pay double or trade two bracelets to get one of the more rare shapes. The average price per Animal Bracelet is listed as twenty-five cents.


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