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Allie's Beach Bands

I have some very exciting news. A little while back, Bama Bandz asked me if I wanted to try creating some of my own designs for a new set of Animal Bracelets. I drew a couple different assortments, and they selected two of the assortments to turn into Animal Bracelets. The first of these new assortments is called Allie's Beach Bands. These bands are going to be sold in retail stores and online at BamaBandz.com. In fact, if you run a retail store, you should call Bama Bandz at 1-866-422-7650 to place a wholesale order. I'm going to be listing all the stores that order Allie's Animal Bracelets on Animal Bracelets Blog, so everyone will know where to find them. Allie's Beach Bands Packs will contain twenty-four glow-in-the-dark rubber band bracelets, four each of six different designs. The Beach shapes include Surfer Dude, Umbrella With Beach Chairs, Man-Eating Shark, Conch Shell, Sand Castle, and Ocean Waves. My personal favorite is the Man-Eating Shark, because you can see the shark coming up out of the water with a man's leg sticking out of it's mouth.


With Summer right around the corner, Allie's Beach Bands are the perfect rubber band bracelets to wear when you head to the beach. Here is a picture of what the packaging will look like. The header card will show the different shapes and has "Allie's Beach Bands" printed on it.



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I love the maneating shark and the seashell.


so cool how much do they cost

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