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Stretchy Shapes My Backpack Pack

Yesterday, I blogged about Stretchy Shapes announcing six new designs. Today, I have some photos of one of the six new sets. Here is a photo of the Stretchy Shapes My Backpack assortment. The Stretchy Shapes My Backpack Pack contains twenty-four rubber band bracelets, four each of six different shapes. The My Backpack assortment includes Banana, Water Bottle, Notebook, Hair Brush, Hi-Top Sneaker, and Mp3 Player. The cool thing about this set is that they are tie-dyed, which means each band is swirled with two bright colors. In the Stretchy Shapes My Backpack Pack, my two favorite shapes are the Hi-Top Sneaker and Mp3 Player because they have a more detailed design than you usually see on rubber band bracelets.



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What a great blog! It is a pity that I can not find RRS address. If RRS offers a subscription service, I can easily follow your blog!

Beautiful and fashionable young people theme of the times!It is my pleasure to read your article!I hope your readers become more and more!

Tell me where to get those in massachusetts???? PLSPLSPLS

<3 Amelia Kehl Snedeker

P.s. i live in boxford ma if u want to send me a letter of silly bandz!!!!!!

This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures.I am grateful that you let us look in! Keep coming up with ideas.

The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog,keep smiling and take care!

Where so you get that pack from!!!

AWESOME!!! Can you buy them at any websistes???

iam gettin these and no one in my town has them!!!!!!

Haha! Love the shapes, but do I carry a Hi-Top Sneaker in my backpack? Better go check...LOL! :)

You can get these on amazon.com or stretchyshapes.com. I have them and I got them off of amazon.com.

wow,i really love them.

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