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Silly Bandz In Florida News

The Animal Bracelets craze is spreading across America. I just saw the first article about Silly Bandz that I've seen in a Florida newspaper. I've also noticed that the number of visitors from Florida to Animal Bracelets Blog has really been picking up lately, so Animal Bracelets must be catching on in Florida. TampaBay.com has an article from the St. Petersburg Times called "Silly Bandz, tuition anxiety, talk about me."

The article says that the name Silly Bandz might make people think of Milli Vanilli or Right Said Fred, but that Silly Bandz are actually silicone bands shaped like animals and objects. The article points out that Silly Bandz are catching on with Elementary school children and that kids know where to purchase them. The article mentions Walgreens as a store where the bands are sold.


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I live in Florida and i know that many schools have them including me! :)

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