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Silly Bandz In Connecticut News

The Animal Bracelets craze continues to spread. It looks like Connecticut might be the latest state to get bitten by the Silly Bandz bug. The Republican American, which is the newspaper of Waterbury, Connecticut, has a front page story called "Area toy stores try to keep up with the latest craze of the young."

The Republican American article tells Webkinz to move over that Silly Bandz are the next craze. The article quotes toy store owners as saying the silicone rubber band bracelets are popular with kids from elementary school to college. The article also talks about how Silly Bandz are so popular that toy stores are running out, and kids are having to wait to get them.


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omfg! omfg! i love silly bandz sooooooo much! they are sooooooooo fabolous!

wateva lozerz copy cats from silly bandz

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