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Doodle Bandz Launches With Three Designs

There's a brand new rubber band bracelet company called Doodle Bandz. Doodle Bandz has launched their website at DoodleBandz.com with three different designs available for order. The Doodle Bandz website also has a blog, fun pages, and section for video. Here are some pictures of the three different designs they offer. First up is the Doodle Bandz Limited Edition Swirl Pack. The Doodle Bandz Limited Edition Swirl assortment consists of Brown/Green Dog, Green/Yellow Dollar Sign, Purple/Pink Ostrich, Orange/Yellow Dog Bone, Lime/Yellow/Blue Shark, and Red/Yellow Seahorse.


Next up is the Doodle Bandz Pirate Pack. The Doodle Bandz Pirate assortment includes Swirl Parrot, Pirate Ship, Ship Wheel, Jolly Roger, Sword, and Anchor.

Last is the Doodle Bandz Ooh La La Paris Pack. The Doodle Bandz Ooh La La Paris assortment includes Swirl Eiffle Tower, Poodle, Shopping Bag, High Heel, Cupcake, and Scooter.



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okay really how do you keep getting every single sillyband?!

WOW. YA how do you get all the silly bandz

I got these for my daughter for valentines day. She loves these the best. They aren't breaking at all. The quality is so much better. These are her favorite bandz by far! The packaging is so great that I didn't even wrap them!!!
5 stars from Oklahoma mom!

Doodlebandz rock! I love the swirl colors and the shapes are awesome and the sizes are the best. I have limited swirl, Paris and pirates. Does anyone know where I can get more doodlebandz? The store I got them at is sold out!!!!!!

I absolutely LOVE the new DoodleBandz! My kids had all the Silly Bandz but wanted more! Luckily I discovered the DoodleBandz at a local store. The store is Ooh La La and they have a store in Orange Beach and Fairhope, Alabama!! They also have an online website so they can actually SHIP the DoodleBandz! These are a great idea for presents- I've shipped some to my nieces and nephews for birthdays and holidays! They are definitely the original swirl band and such an awesome idea!!

My son cannot wait to get the Pirates doodlebandz next!! He wants to be the first at school with the tie-dye parrot. We should be able to get them online soon. What a great idea, tie-dye silly bandz!

I just got the pirates pack TODAY!!! and the parrot is tye-die! I very happy with the overall durability of these particular bands! the packaging is awesome and the colors are pretty freakin sweet as well!!!

I purchased the Paris set Tiny Town in Daphne, al. They are so cute, my kids went crazy over the poodle and the cupcake. The quality in great and the package is very nice.

I love doodlebandz. I bought Paris, limited swirl and pirates. These are the original tye dye bandz! These don't break! They fit awesome. The website is cool too

My favorite is the tye dye ostrich, tye dye eiffel tower and tye dye parrot!
Doodle bandz are way cool

Finally. These bands were worth the money

If anyone know the step by step instructions of how to do the trick with the doodle bandz pirate ship wheel.... Please post it

Oh my gosh the tie die bands are the best. They are so cool. I couldn't have ever imagined they would look like this. I love them. I can't wait until my mom will let me get more.

pleaseee pleasee PLEASEEE keep the limited edition ones and ALL of them available FOREVERRRR becausee there coolll!!(:

I got these for my grandkids and they the doodlebandz
because they are tye dye and they don't break.
Please let me know as soon as Moore of them become available
thanks, Jackie
[email protected]

My daughter fell in love with the doodlebandz..we had to get all of them of course. Please please please let me know when more become available. I love the shapes of them all cause they are different than your average circle bracelet..sooo cool.

i loooove all of these bracelets!!! they are cool and different !!!!! my friends have been asking me for all of these bracelets! love all the shapes!!!

I love the shapes and wow tye dye so coool!!!!

My daughter came home from school asking for doodlebandz! She said all the kids are wearing them! I got the tye dyed ones for her. Very cool and different!!!

doodlebandz are the best i already have the basic ones they are so cool. i want a lot more to collect, my friends have the animal ones and all sorts of things. i love them all

Thank God, I found a store getting the doodlebandz in OKC!
The Toy Barrel. 405 751 1465

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I love these they are soooooo cool they have so many different kinds and they don't break like the other brands !!!!
Doodlebandz are so cool I just have to get more and you can even get them online!!!!! I am soooo exited and I cant wait to show my friends, they will freak!!!!!!!!

doodlebandz are the BEST !!! i tried silly bandz and felt like i was wasting my money because of the poor quality ! they have boring shapes and keep breaking ! but doodlebandz have tyedye and way cooler shapes ! they even keep their shape after wearing them for a while ! it is rerally hard to find them because they are always sold out but it is TOTALLY worht the wait !!! doodlebandz ROCK !! cant wait for new packages to come out !!!

I have 599 animal bracelets!


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