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Animal Bracelets Really Popular In New Jersey

Animal Bracelets are becoming really popular in New Jersey. For the first time, I actually had more visitors to Animal Bracelets Blog from the state of New Jersey than any other state. Previously, Alabama had always been the top state for sending traffic, followed by Tennessee. For the month of January, it was a very close race, but there were slightly more visitors from New Jersey than Alabama.

Here is a breakdown of the percentage of Animal Bracelets Blog traffic by the top thirteen states. After the top thirteen, none of the other states account for more than one percent of traffic.

1. New Jersey - 22.70%    
2. Alabama - 21.91%    
3. Tennessee - 14.56%    
4. Florida - 7.39%    
5. Mississippi - 5.02%    
6. Georgia - 4.31%    
7. Pennsylvania - 4.14%    
8. North Carolina - 3.76%    
9. New York - 3.63%    
10. South Carolina - 3.04%    
11. Texas - 1.19%    
12. Ohio - 1.16%    
13. California - 1.02%


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