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Top Ten Animal Bracelets - 12/07/09

There haven’t been a lot of changes on my Top Ten Animal Bracelets list, but there will be soon. Once the new designs from Stretchy Shapes and Silly Bandz start hitting stores, then my list should change dramatically. I’m especially looking forward to the Little Diva Pack from Stretchy Shapes (exclusive to The Band Wagon) and the Silly Bandz Princess Pack.

Top 10 Animal Bracelets

1. Brachiosaurus – Maybe this is a hint that there should be more Animal Necklaces. While dinosaurs aren’t my favorite shapes, this huge green dinosaur is the largest animal rubber band I know about, and every kid wants it. While more are starting to show up in stores, it is still very rare.

2. Santa Claus – The closer we get to Christmas, the hotter the Santa Claus Silly Bandz becomes. Excluding Animal Necklaces, Santa Claus is the most popular of the Animal Bracelets.

3. Purple Lion - The Purple Lion comes one in a Rare Shapes 12 Pack that is being sold at The Band Wagon. It is so rare that I don't even have it.


4. House – A blue House Shaped Rubber Band just started showing up in stores. Because this is the first House Rubber Band, everyone is trying to find it.

5. Flower – This new Flower shape is also starting to show up in stores. It comes in several different colors, so everyone is trying to get all the colors.

6. Ginger Bread Man – Even though some more of the Ginger Bread Man rubber bands have started to show up, it still remains very rare, and it’s a popular holiday shape.

7. Angel – The Angel from Silly Bandz is becoming more popular, as it is one of the more unique shapes in the Christmas Silly Bandz Pack.

8. Porcupine – Either called the Porcupine or Hedgehog rubber band, this shape comes in the new Toysmith Animal Shaped Rubber Bands Pack. Everyone likes its unique pointy back, and it is rare because there is only one in a twelve pack

9. Snowflake – Snowflake rubber bands are becoming popular as the weather turns cold. There are many different versions of the snowflake shape.

10. Christmas Tree – There are multiple versions of the Christmas Tree, and everyone wants to get them all. The large Christmas Tree with the star from Silly Bandz is the best Christmas Tree to wear as a bracelet, but the smaller Christmas Trees without the star are fun for collecting.


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where can you buy the h concept ones? :)

alana(: is my bestfriend in the whole entire worlddd:D and i agree with herr! where CAN you buy the h concept ones!?

I've seen them several times at the Learning Express in Franklin, Tennessee. I'm not sure if all Learning Express have them.

who is the necklace dionsaur band made by, toysmith divoga....

uhmmm wait... who would like to give me a neclace rubber band??

i found the purple lion ones i have like 4 of dem

Who will give me a porcupine?

I need the porcupine! it is so cute and amazing! can anyone tell me who makes it and where i can possibly find it. please!

sillybandz rule I have 563 of them i think its crazy but i love them!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!@!!!!!


I have 53 silly bandz and I'm getting more. Almost every kid in the school has at least 3 or 4 of them! My friend has 95!!!!! I <3 silly bandz!!!!

i have 300 sillybands

i have like 20 silly bandz n i have da hedghog/porcupine... lol i got it 2 da n traded my low in da dark unicorn 4 it... idkk... lol im hopein 2 get more... lol

I want the blue house silly band so bad!

I have 535 silly bandz

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