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Kids Can't Collect Enough Animal Bracelets

Animal Bracelets are in the news in Alabama again. The Shelby County Reporter, which is the newspaper for Shelby Count, Alabama, has an article called "Silly band craze." The article talks about how multicolored rubber bands in various shapes have captured the attention of elementary, middle, and high school students.

The owner of Plain Jane's in Lee Branch tells the paper that kids can't collect enough of them. She also makes a good point about how collecting Beanie Babies could get expensive, but a pack of Animal Bracelets usually runs only around $4.99. She also mentions that customers often have trouble finding them because stores can't keep them in stock.

The article also covers how some teachers have had to take Animal Bracelets away from kids, who aren't behaving with them. One teacher tells the paper that she has between 50 and 100 of them that she has either had to take away from kids or that were given to her as gifts. The article also points out that Animal Bracelets are popular with both girls and boys.


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