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Handy Bands Duckies, People, And Undies

Handy-bands-duckies About two to three years ago, there were a couple different sets of shape rubber bands produced by a company called Handy Bands. I can’t find any evidence that Handy Bands are still being made, but there are people out there who still have them. I’m aware of three different packs produced by Handy Bands. There was a Handy Bands Duckies Pack, Handy Bands People Pack, and Handy Bands Undies Pack.

The Handy Bands Duckies Pack contained small rubber ducky and bubble shaped rubber bands. The Handy Bands People Pack contained six different shapes of a man running and jumping around. The Handy Bands Undies Pack contained eight different under wear shapes. The underwear shapes included three different tops, three different bottoms, and a sock.



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the rubber ducks and bubbles came out like 3 months ago, i got them at learning express

ive looked everywhere and i cant find them. they must be discontinued, but i have 2 bubbles and a broken rubber duck, and one of my friends has one of the men. :(

They are so cool man!!!!!!!!

I have one of the men. it's the first one on the second row. people will trade anything for it!!!

wher can you get these

where do you buy them in nashville?????????????????????????????????

where can you buy them in NJ? i desretly need them

Are they considered rare? I love the duckies and the people :)

I LIKE THEM A LOT! :)especially the ducks & bubbles one. but the undies one is just creepy...

Neat! One of the bubbles looks small enough to be a ring

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The yellow duck and red duck is looks very beautiful and attractive. I like to buy these both duck handy bands. I am too much crazy for shopping on-line.

Handy Bands are still being made, but there's people out there who still have them. I am aware of seven different packs produced by Handy Bands.and I like both duckies.

I think you're wrong. I'm sure. I can prove it.

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