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BelieverBands Are Religious Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets

Earlier I blogged about the Religious Rubber Bands being made by Crazy Bands, and I just learned that there is another company making Religious Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets. The company is called BelieverBands, and their rubber band bracelet assortment includes five different shapes.

Each BeliverBands Pack contains ten rubber bands, two of each shape. The five different shapes are The Rotten Apple, The Red Cross, The White Heart, The Green Flower, and The Golden Crown. The purpose of the BelieverBands is to share Christ with others.

BelieverBands just recently launched, but they have been an overwhelming success. In fact, BelieverBands had planned to offer their Religious Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets online, but they sold out before they were able to do so. Right now, BelieverBands are only being sold at one location (The Borden Market Shoppe in Cullman, Alabama).

Be sure to check out the BelieverBands website, because they are getting more shipments. There is a really cool video on the BelieverBands website that shows the BelieverBand crew working hard to put all the BelieverBand Packs together and get them ready to sell.



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