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Alphabet Shapes Silly Bandz - Breaking News

Alphabet-silly-bandzHuge breaking news in the Animal Bracelets world. If you've already got every assortment made by Silly Bandz and have been waiting for them to put out a new assortment, you are in luck. Silly Bandz has just officially announced that they will be making Alphabet Shapes Rubber Bands.

Instead of the 24 pack that Silly Bandz usually makes, the Alphabet Shapes Silly Bandz Pack will come with 36 letters per pack. Each pack will contain a full alphabet plus some additional letters. No word yet on if the additional letters will be the same for every pack or different.

Just like other Silly Bandz Packs, the Alphabet Shapes Silly Bandz will come in assorted colors. I can tell you that these will be hot, because everyone will love to trade them to get the letters necessary to spell out their names.

Here's the best news about the Alphabet Shapes Silly Bandz. Since they were just announced, you might expect them not to be in stores for weeks or months. However, there on sale date is listed as December 4. Not sure which stores will actually get them by then, but everyone should probably start looking for them later this week or next week.


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That is really cool Im gonna Get some When They come out Im My Towm! :)


I think my younger sister will love to have a pack of such kind of alphabetical rubber bands.Oh God! but I'll have to search a lot for getting it.

lol!i just got some in the mail just now.corse they werent alhabet bandz :(

where can you buy them?

I got the Alphabet pack from Bandzmania they gave me 2 Ns and no U what a rip off :(

Glad we can help!

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