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Toysmith Animal Shaped Rubber Bands Pack

There are some new Toysmith Animal Shaped Rubber Bands Packs showing up in stores now. These new animal shapes are really cool, even if the package images are somewhat confusing. There are six animals pictured on the packaging, but there are actually eight animal shapes inside. The animal shapes are not labeled on the packaging, so I'm going to have to give my best guess as to what they are. The eight animal shapes appear to be Elephant, Ant Eater, Alligator, Porcupine, Moose, Pelican, Sheep, and  Cheetah.

Here is a photo of the Toysmith Animal Shaped Rubber Bands Pack.


Here is a photo of the back of the Toysmith Animal Shaped Rubber Bands Pack.


Here is a close-up of the animals pictured on the front of the package. As you will notice, there are only six animals pictured, which appear to be an Ant Eater, an Elephant, an Alligator, a Porcupine, a Moose, and a Pelican.


Inside the package, there are actually eight different animal shapes. The two animals not pictured are what appears to be a Sheep (even thought it could be a cloud with legs) and a Cheetah (or some other cat animal). There are two Elephants, one Ant Eater, two Mooses, one Sheep, two Cheetahs, one alligator, two Pelicans, and one Porcupine. Here is a photo of all the different shapes in the Toysmith Animal Shaped Rubber Bands Pack.



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where do you get these in birmingham!!!!!!!

I really love like LOVE! Silly Bndz I have 192 and still coleeecting the bad ting is I live in Motogomery so they dont have the ones want which sucks email me at www.webkinsmania@aol.com

Sorryyyyyyyyyyyy! Yall if you couldn't read whatI wrote I know how to spell it's my keyboard will rewrite it here I go

I love like LOVE collecting Silly Bandz I have 192 and still collecting but the sucky thing is live in Montgomery so they don't sell the cool one's hee so if I want them I have to order them off line

where can you order these online??????

i love animal rubber bands they are soooo much fun!!!

madeline, i ordered this pack on www.bandzy.com its a great source for all the toysmith animal rubber bands they have bunchs more too!!! i ordered 2 of this pack from bandzy bcause i love the hedgehog and all the animals in it and i want 2 of each so that whut i did

This pack is AWESOME!!!! I have the alligator, tiger, ant eater, and the moose, but i don't know where to get these in NJ!!!!

I have 59 of these bracelets and I don't know where to get them!!!!

i got the pack at shop rite!!!!

I have all of this pack but the sheep. where do you get these online?

where can you find these bracelets online???


can u show me a chicken one of those

go to sillybandz.com and they have pack of 24 for $4.95

In Virginia these are located at Walgreens, Claires, Hallmark, Justice, Cracker Barrel,
and Divas and Dudes.. hope this helps

The moose is actually a cow, lol, hoped that helped.

Also, in my pack of those,I never got a sheep, I love da sheep!

i absolutly luvv silly bandzzz!!!


hi i an wondering what the sheep silly band looks like. Because i have a cream sape that my brother says is a sheep,but it did not come in a packages so i dont know what it is.

is there or is there nnot a moose? cuz i realllllly want one

I love these so much I stole them from my friend! :D I'll give em back when I actually get these shapes myself.

i ordered the pack on amazon theres a couple left

i ordered the pack on amazon theres a couple left if any1 wants it

I have this pack. It didn't with a sheep or a cheetah. And the moose is actually a cow and the pelicon is actually a flamingo.

it is a cow but the pelican is a toucan and i got this pack from shoprite

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