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Top Ten Animal Bracelets - 11/23/09

Here are my Top Ten Animal Bracelets for this week. As you might have noticed, whatever is new usually turns out to very popular. In Animal Bracelets, the Dino Animal Rubber Band Pack from +d, the Silly Bandz Christmas Pack, and the Silly Bandz Basic Shapes Pack continue to fly off store shelves. There are also some new designs from Toysmith that are just hitting stores. Some of the new animal and car shapes are on everyone’s want list. Besides the rubber bands, Animal Bracelets Clips which are metal clips used to hold Animal Bracelets really started to catch on big this week. There are some called the Band Wranglers from The Band Wagon that come in Heart, Butterfly, Car and Bone shapes.

Top 10 Animal Bracelets


1. Brachiosaurus – It’s going to be hard to knock this one out of the top spot. The Dino Animal Rubber Bands Pack from +d is very rare, and the Brachiosaurus is the largest of all the animal rubber bands. Everyone likes to wear it as a necklace.


2. Santa Claus - The Christmas Silly Bandz are some of the best rubber band shapes ever made. Because it’s a limited seasonal release, stores are selling out as soon as they get stock in, so most stores are having to limit the number that customers can buy at one time. The Santa Claus is the most popular of all the shapes in the Christmas Silly Bandz Pack.


3. Ant Eater – Toysmith just released a new twelve pack of Animal Shaped Rubber Bands. The white Ant Eater is only one to a pack, making it one of the most rare shapes. The Ant Eater is also the largest rubber band in the pack.


4. Porcupine – Several of the new shapes in the Toysmith Animal Shaped Rubber Bands Pack are proving to be popular. The brown Porcupine is a favorite because of it’s unique color, and it is also rare, because there is only one in a twelve pack.


5. Alligator – For a lot of the boys, the Alligator is their favorite from the new Toysmith Animal Shaped Rubber Bands Pack. Just like the Ant Eater and Porcupine, the Alligator only comes one to a twelve pack and is very rare.


6. Snowman –After Santa Claus, the light blue Snowman from the Christmas Silly Bandz Pack seems to be the most popular. However, all the Christmas Silly Bandz are in high demand.


7. Ginger Bread Man – The Ginger Bread Man rubber band might actually be the rarest rubber band on my list. These little Ginger Bread men have only shown up in a couple of stores and on eBay. Very hard to find.


8. Beetle Car – The Toysmith Cars Shaped Pack is just now arriving in stores. Not many places have received them yet, and the girls really like the hot pink Beetle car in the pack.


9. Flat-Bed Truck – While the girls like the pink Beetle, the blue Flat-Bed Truck looks to be one of the favorites with the boys.


10. Sun – After the Christmas Silly Bandz Pack, the Silly Bandz Basic Pack is the most popular. Even though more are showing up in stores, and everyone seems to have them now, the Sun Silly Bandz continues to be a favorite.


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i love silly bandz! i only have 14 but i am gettong more. I have santa and the pink car and the blue truck. I need the number one!

i luv silly bands!!! i culdnt find the porcipine pack at the store so i ordered online. for some weird reasons my intincts told me to order 2 of those packs. i guess my instincts were right there is like one porcipine per pack and thats my fave now i have 2 of dem!!! BTW i have 47 silly bands soon to be 83!!!!!!

i need the rare pack, where did you get them? I already know Amazon, but can you tell me any other cheap places to buy them?

silly bandz are da bomb!

I have 234 sillybandz... and counting! Anyway, have you guys noticed that the porcupine isn't in any of the toysmith animal packs any more... I searched at Walgreens forever! And yes, it was the right pack.

is the dollar bill sign rare?

I still find the porcupine. I have 564 btw :) Going for 1000

i have a sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and alligator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i also have a blue sun wich is really rare

Silly bandz ROCK!!!!

sillyBandz are sooooooo freaking cool "NO LIE"


Today I finally found some silly bandz at a store the rest where sold OUT!
And would't get some more till next week!
So today I bought 32 silly bandz and a rain forest pack for free the girl was so nice who gave it to me thank goodness for silly bandz!

I have A Phoenix,a blue hippo & A light blue elephant

the ginger bread man is actually an astronaut... i have 2 :)

the rarest is the pheonix

i have 3462 silly bands

hahahahahahahahaha i have 134 silly bandz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't figure out what my anteater was for the longest time

I thought my ant eater was a elefent.
I have the beetels car and cupcake.
I have 80 sillybands

I have the "Gingerbread man" but I got him in the Space pack. Can't remember the name of the company though. He is an astronaut. Does that count?

hate 2 tell everyone this, but a silly band can't be rare cuz its mass produced and also, tons of the ones u guys mentioned are cheap fake copies. also, the porcupine is really a hedgehog

p.s. i had 117 silly bandz in 3 days and i need more............. also i totally think the anteater is an elephant also!

I have the Brontosaurus! It's the largest silly band at a whopping 5.5 inches and it's way too big for my wrist.

I have 535 silly bandz.

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