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Silly Bandz City Holding Contest For House-Shaped Rubber Band Bracelet

House-bracelet Silly Bandz City, which is currently located in Birmingham at the Riverchase Galleria by The Disney Store, is going to be opening a second store in Birmingham. To celebrate their upcoming new store, Silly Bandz City is holding a contest where people can try to guess their new store location.

The first person who correctly and specifically guesses the location of their new store will win a one-of-a-kind house-shaped rubber band bracelet (as seen in the photo above). According to Silly Bandz City, the blue house-shaped bracelet is not sold in stores anywhere (including their store). By specifically guessing the location, Silly Bandz City is looking for an exact location and more than just a mall name or area of town.

Silly Bandz City has provided the hint that their new location is a hot location that will be very convenient for many of their fans.

Silly Bandz City will be displaying the house-shaped bracelet at their Galleria kiosk beginning on Monday, November 9, 2009. Be sure to stop by and view it and take a guess at their new location. The Silly Bandz City hotline e-mail is [email protected].


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i love sillybandz and animal bracelets,i have 95,i have a panda and its only sold in japan.:)

where do you get the jappaneesse one?????????


Vestavia Hills

lol ur weird

i love silly bandz lolololololo

i love silly bandz i have 976 silly bandz and i need that one

if you want to now who i am selena gomez dont tell the press that i love silly bandz

OMG selena gomez loves silly bandz id but i have at least 100. SELENA GOMEZ ROX!!!!!!!!

wow!! i am the number 1 fan of silly bandz i now hav 1496 silly banz....more than u "selena gomez" if it rilly is u i make my dad buy themm 4 mee almost everyday i hope i'll gett up to 3000 that wuld b awesome!! bye oh and how did u get that panda?????

i have 3210 silly band i get 5 packs a day and i have 60 pandas there my fav and get them off of silly silly bands . com .


i have 4 house silly bands there NOT RARE

I had a house silly band that looked like that but i gave it a way!

i love silly bandz
they are so cool
well if you guys think your
cool well your not because i
of you i got 5,568 silly bandz
i got over 100 of each
if you want to know how i
got them it's from my uncle he works
with the company so he buys me them
so any way do any of you guys like justin beiber well talk to you later

lily golden, stop being such a braggy person
nobody likes a braggart

i love silly bandz planning to buy sum today if me mom takes me!!!! she better take me!!!

Actually, there are some house animal bracelets but no house Silly Bandz. ;) I wish they had a Silly Bandz store or kiosk in North Carolina. NC loves animal bracelets!

I love silly bandz as well as everyone else but i only have a few maybe 30 but that is a few compared to everyone else!

if you have more than 100 you're wasting ur money. it will probably be just like webkinz.. in for a year, out forever. get real, nobody wants to hear you brag about your stupid 5 million sillybandz. thats ecsessive. a very ecsessive amount of sillybandz and you need to see SOA sillybandz obsession anonymous

Ellie, if you don't like them just leave. Nobody wants to hear you complain.

I think I've seen the house in a pack from Hot Topic once, I actually have two. :V

I would like to say that if you don't like Silly Bandz, don't even bother searching them up on google.com or anywhere else. Saying you don't like Silly Bandz on a website about it makes you look lame. Don't embarass yourselves people! Thanks!


(P.S.- I love Silly Bandz!)

I got one of those in a pack I bought at a gas station recently, they are not unique.

i have a house silly band just like that one on top its more light blue though . thanks,buggy

i have 6,327

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