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Should Animal Bracelets Be Banned In Schools?

Animal-bracelets-banned As Animal Bracelets become more and more popular, they are becoming a hot topic in some schools. Some schools sell Animal Bracelets at school events or use Animal Bracelets as rewards for students. According to some newspaper reports, other schools have banned students from bringing Animal Bracelets to school. Some kids at West Jefferson Elementary school even held a peaceful demonstration after Silly Bandz were banned at their school.

From what I’ve heard, most schools allow Animal Bracelets, as long as students don’t misbehave with them. However, if a student is playing with their Animal Bracelets during class or shoots another student with an animal rubber band, then odds are that student is going to get their Animal Bracelets taken away.

I don’t think schools should ban Animal Bracelets because most kids just wear them as bracelets and only trade them at recess. Banning Animal Bracelets is like banning jewelry or banning pencils from schools. Just because some kids might not behave with them is not a reason to ban Animal Bracelets entirely from schools.


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