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Baby Animal Bracelets


Have you heard about Baby Animal Bracelets? They are basically smaller versions of Animal Bracelets that are made in Japan. They are sold under the brand +d, and they are made by a company called h concept. With Baby Animal Bracelets, you can match them up with the full size Silly Bandz and create an Animal Bracelets family. I've included pictures of a Ostrich Baby Animal Bracelet from +d next to a full size Ostrich Silly Bandz and also of a Hippo Babby Animal Bracelet from +d next to a full size Hippo Silly Bandz.



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where can you buy(not order) the baby animal braclets (located in alabama)??

where do u get the baby bandz silly bandz? my dauter has 145,345,126 silly bandz she has everyone know to man but the baby ones i looked every were for them but cant find them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i got 3 babies i just want a whole pack i was going to get some babies but they all costed to much but i did get a pack yeah me!

For real??!??!?!? That's alot! Dang, I thought I had alot...I have 979! =-( Lol xD

@gracy also! r u kidding me? i don't have that many! i only have like 200! holy crap, u have alot!!

@gracy you let her buy all of those?
where does she store them?

@gracy she lucky where does she put all of those do you really count!!!


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