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Hollywood Silly Bandz Released

Silly Bandz has just released the latest pack of brand new Silly Bandz designs. The Hollywood Silly Bandz Pack contains twenty-four rubber band bracelets, four each of six different designs. The Hollywood Silly Bandz shapes include a palm tree, director’s chair, video camera, film clapperboard, VIP, and I♥LA. The Hollywood Silly Bandz Pack is currenlty available on Sillybandz.com.


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Trust me i don't even know why they make these stuff.But i guess if people wants them it's a win win situation.Nice post either way.

Soooo getting those and that is gonna be my last pack cuz i'm done with Silly Bandz:(

:( Jon

DONT JON,DON`T!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really don't like Silly Bandz anymore they're soo out of style and useless to wear everyday!! i have to admit it =/

You put a sock in it, Jon!

Just putting not being mean in anyway dosent help![

One thing I know: The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve. (A. Schweizer)

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